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Gujarat Festival 2019

15 September, 2019


11:00 AM (Door Opens)

12:00 PM (Show Starts)

Melville Marriott Long Island

1350 Walt Whitman Road,Melville,NY

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About us

From cultural events to festival celebrations, Bollywood nightlife to the biggest live concerts, we connect with and bring together the massive Desi community here in the USA and Canada  UK euro  India whose heart still beats to Nasik Dhol and whose lips still hum the latest Bollywood hits.

Our name says it all – Whether you are looking to attend an event, sell your tickets or simply want to sell your event related services – this is the place to be!

Innovative Marketing

Where other ticketing companys’ work ends with listing the events, ours start! We do not believe in waiting for people to come and buy tickets – rather, we reach out to them why they need to buy any particular event’s tickets.

No Fee

At Amazing Entertainment , we believe in working for and helping our organisers sell more rather than robbing them. So, as a policy, we charge ZERO fee to the organisers. And its not only for listing – even for selling tickets you are not charged anything.



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